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Arris Collection: The ARRIS Collection is inspired by sophisticated lines combined with frill-less functionality of square sinks. Its design is an uncomplicated concept that is incredibly simple and functional. They are masterfully fabricated with heavy-grade 16 gauge surgical stainless steel, with its rims polished to a perfect mirror reflection. Its corrosion resistance and structural rigidity are second to none. It is the most desirable defining centerpiece of any contemporary kitchen.
Fireclay Ceramic Sinks: Inspired design and superb craftsmanship are combined to create traditional and contemporary style sinks in porcelain ceramic. They are fired at 2,200 degrees to create its ultra-smooth, dirt-repellent, surface that is virtually invulnerable. At the end of the process, the coated shell is made impervious to household chemicals and acids.

Glass & Stainless Steel Sinks: Glass has been a versatile material that is capable of displaying a wide range of designs while withstanding weathering and erosion. Pearl Sinks™ glass sinks are made of soda lime glass. They are as attractive as they are enduring.

Pearl Sinks™ stainless steel vanity sinks uses the best quality T304 surgical grade stainless steel, the same durable material that offers the same lasting properties as kitchen sinks.

Q Collection: The Q Collection features our most popular sink designs in their most elite form. Constructed with ultra-thick 16 gauge surgical grade stainless steel, its rim is polished to a mirror finish for improved brilliance and stone adhesion. It also comes with custom made stainless steel sink grids for better durability and usability. It is the embodiment of exceptional beauty and elegance.
Vantage Collection: The Vantage collection brings together the most breath-taking concepts with time-tested materials to give you bold unyielding designs that is well composed and long lasting.
NuGranite Collection: Combining natural beauty with contemporary fabrication methods. The NuGranite™ Collection are built with a proprietary blend of 80% natural granite and 20% polymer resin.
Squareline Collection: Inheriting the ultimate functionality and precise edges of professional kitchen sinks, the Squareline Collection offers both double bowl sinks as well as single bowl sinks in extraordinary hand-made quality and sharp angular lines that exhibits contemporary sophistication.
MABE Double Bowl Collection: Double bowl under-mount sinks designed with conventional wisdom and of the highest quality stainless steel alloy material. The MABÉ Collection features double bowl sinks are versatile and practical. It is everything a sink needs to be, and more.
MELO & TAHI Single Bowl Collection: Featuring smaller countertop footprints for an easier fit. The single bowl's subtle and simple design make excellent complimentary pieces to work in tandem with a primary double bowl kitchen sink.
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